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Welcome to our website which contains information for entertainment purposes only and comments which are our own opinions, which may or may not be everyone else's. We are always happy to listen to other views however!

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You must accept every single one of these following terms and conditions, regardless of how illogical they may seem to you. By continuing to stay on this site you automatically signify that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not do so you are no longer welcome on this site and should find something a little bit more serious to occupy your time.

What this website is about

It was designed to give me something to do whilst I was in lockdown because of the superflu. It was not designed, and should not be viewed as, authoritative about any subject in any way. The stated 'facts' in this website have not been subjected to proper scrutiny and therefore there may be more errors than we can count. Because of this you should not trust anything that you read on this website and you must look upon it all as pure fiction and the ramblings of an old man approaching his dotage.

Our liabilities

By reading this website you accept the fact that since we have not attempted to check anything on this site you read what is written entirely at your own risk and you make your own decisions about everything that you do completely regardless of what we have written here. You agree that you will not make any attempt at all to blame us for anything that happens to you as a result of you ignoring this, and that you will indemnify us in full for any attempt that you make to extract money from us.

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This site is likely to be unstable since we pay as little as humanly possible for our hosting. It can therefore crash, corrupt your computer, rearrange your DNA, or even vanish into oblivion at any time. You accept that any of these occurrences are an act of fate and nothing whatsoever to do with us.

Disputes about this website

If you disagree with anything on this website then you should contact us immediately; our contact details are on our 'about us' page. If you believe that you have grounds to take legal action against anyone connected with this website then don't waste your time because none of us have any money anyway.

Your acceptance of our terms and conditions

If you have read this far then we assume that you are fully accepting all of these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. Again, if you do not, please leave this website immediately and have a nice day.

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