Privacy, and the protection therof

This really should be a very short document since we are very keen on personal privacy. There really isn't enough of it on the Internet and the worst offenders, who afford you no privacy whatsoever but track everything that you do and find out everything that they can about you including your name, address, telephone number, bank details, friends, buying habits, interests (both legitimate and otherwise) and just about everything else that even your own parents didn't know, and then use that information to sell you products or services that you don't really want, or sell off your personal information to the highest bidder, are amongst the biggest and most popular websites on the Internet. We are tiny however and we are simply not interested in finding out anything about anyone.

Information that we receive

If you write to us that would be very nice and we would be really interested in reading what you have to tell us. We would probably save your message on our computer system purely and simply so that we could answer any queries that you raised. There is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that we would use this information to send you any un-wanted communications, commonly known as spam.

Communication of your information to other people

Nope. We don't do it have no plans to.

Processing of your information

Since we don't really want to have any information at all, there will be no point in us processing it.

Security of your information

Like every other website on the Internet our site is protected by security systems which are industry standard. Despite that sites seem to get hacked with monotonous regularity and all information on them stolen. Fortunately however there will be no information whatsoever about you on our website so we believe that it would be a total waste of time any hacker attempting to break into it. If any one of these criminals does have time to waste in doing so the only information that he or she will get will be the number of people who visited the site, the time they spent on it, the pages they visited, and another routine stuff which is of absolutely no use to anyone else except us.

Hopefully you will find this privacy policy acceptable but if you have any comments about it we would love to hear from you. Contact details are on this page.

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