About us - well me, anyway.

Hello, good evening and welcome as David Frost used to say. If you haven't a clue who David Frost was then my sincerest condolences, you obviously weren't around in the most wonderful decade of the last thousand years, the 60s.

My grandkids think I'm a boring old fart. They never saw their grandad roaring up the East Lancs on his Norton Dominator (that's a motorbike for the uninitiated), climbing up the scaffolding round the derelict factory chimney after 6 bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale (because it was there) or lounge lizarding at the Palais de Danse on a Friday night in the early 70s wowing the girls with my impeccable waltz, quickstep and foxtrot. Those were the days when a man could legally, and quite acceptably, hold a lady who was a complete stranger closely whilst chatting her up to the accompaniment of quiet romantic music. Nowadays they stand a yard apart jumping up and down whilst being deafened by some rock band records playing at maximum decibels. That's when they aren't sat in their bedrooms on their own updating their statues or whatever they do on facebook. How they manage to actually meet and indulge in courtship is beyond me,no wonder the birth rate is falling.

Anyway I digress. Why did I build this website? I did it because my son told me I was too old. He reckoned that a retired piano tuner couldn't learn html and css but he was wrong. 25 quid spent at Amazon on some books, a month of study and I adapted a template to create this. There's life in we old dogs yet.

Why did I pick Fiats for the subject of the site? The truth is I always looked upon them as a bit boring so I decided in all fairness to learn a lot more about them. After learning enough to put this site together I realised I was right all along.

Ifyou fancy getting in touch I can be contacted by post (David Wilson, 212 Watling Street Bridgtown Cannock West Midlands WS11 0BD) or email. The first word of my email address is 'grumpy', you then type in '@' then it ends with 'thefiatstory.co.uk'. Sadly I have to do this to stop the spam scum from collecting it automatically so they can include it in the millions of garbage messages they send out in the hope of conning some unfortunates to fall for their scams. Have fun.
Best wishes
Dave Williams

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